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God is doing GREAT THINGS in Kansas.  This web site was created to publish the reports of what He is doing.


The Distinctions of the Azusa Revival

By Shamblin Stone


There have been several revivals in the last century since William Seymour led the Azusa Street Revival in the L.A. area in the early 1900's.  None of them have had the distinctions that the Azusa Revival had.  However, with the exception of the Charismatic Movement of the 1970’s, all revivals can be pinpointed to a specific location.


The main difference between the Azusa revival and the revival “like” it now 100 years later, according to Mr. Seymour, is that the revival of this later time-frame will not be contained to one location.  In fact, Seymour said it will take place all over the world at the same time.


We do not believe that Kansas is the only place where God is once again moving like He did at Azusa Street.  We simply want to share with you what God is doing in this location at this time.


So how did God manifest Himself at Azusa Street differently from how He manifested His visitation in the other twentieth century revivals?  In the Charismatic movement God manifested Himself by baptizing everyone in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.  In the Toronto Blessing God manifested Himself with joy.  In the Brownsville Revival God manifested Himself through holiness.  But at the Azusa Street Revival, God manifested Himself by doing miracles.


Once again God is doing miracles to manifest His presence on the earth.  Here are some of the more recent miracles God has been doing in Wichita and the state of Kansas.


Not One Place, Not One Person

By Shamblin Stone


You may notice several different gatherings and ministries on this website where God is doing miracles.  We believe this is God's heart for this "end time" revival for several reasons.


1.   First of all, no one can say, "It's only happening with us."  What God is doing these days is not about us and our ministry.  It's about Jesus and His love for the world as He is bringing this chapter of "HisStory" to a culmination.


2.   Next, more ministers means more miracles.


3.   Also, when one ministry does not carry the weight of the entire revival, it is more easily sustainable.

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