In Search of Miracles Tour 2015

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8.5" x 11" Poster

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News Release

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According to there has been an increase of miracles in the state of Kansas since the start of 2014.  These are not small, unverifiable miracles, these are miracles of Biblical proportions.  According to the reports, the blind see, the deaf hear, and the dead are raised!  Cancer is healed, broken bones are instantly mended, migraines are forever gone, and people are being raised off their death beds.  The list of miracles goes on and on.

            Pastor Shamblin Stone of Wichita, Kansas stated, “God is sending us out to as many Kansas counties as possible in 2015 in search of miracles.”  When Shamblin finds a miracle, he documents the testimony on video, and posts it on the website.  To date Pastor Shamblin has posted about sixty different miracles, with several more testimonies waiting to be edited.

            When pressed for his favorite miracle story of 2014, Pastor Shamblin reluctantly responded, “the story of Lee Birch.”  Lee was crushed under a 9,000 pound boom lift on October 7, 2014 in a factory in Mound Ridge, Kansas.  A coworker who attends a Mennonite church prayed for Lee to live after he was dead for about fifteen minutes.  Not only did Lee come back to life, but he had no broken bones or internal injuries, and walked out of the hospital twenty four hours later with only a sore leg.

    Pastor Shamblin and his wife Chris will be sharing many miracle stories from the past year at (place)_________________________________ located at (address)___________________________________________ on (day)__________________. (month)_____________ (date)_______, 2015 at (time)______________ a.m./p.m.  Admission is FREE, and an offering will be received to cover expenses.  Joining Shamblin and Chris will be Lee and Carol Birch of Hesston, Kansas, telling their testimony of God’s great miracle power in their lives.  Make sure you do not miss this event!


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Photos for Use with the above Article

Pastor Shamblin and Chris Stone
Lee and Carol Birch


Sunday January 18, 2015

Church of the New Wine

Wichita, KS




Saturday February 28, 2015

Wichita Aglow Lighthouse

at City Church

2634 N. Amidon

Wichita, KS



March 15, 2015

?, Nebraska



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